Signifyd API process flow and Integration

Signifyd is a tool that simplifies fraud prevention, a simple and powerful service that exposes a REST API that allows to track “Cases” for orders.

How it works?

A buyer places an order on our store. The details are saved in our database. Also, all details related to order, shipping, billing, buyer, etc. are passed to signifyd as a curl request and a case is created there at the signifyd’s end and we get a case id corresponding to the created case in response.

Now, Signifyd validates the buyer and rates the case profile based upon the workout carried out at the signifyd’s end. Whenever such rating or review is done a webhook is triggered. Now, we can capture such event and further go ahead to ship the product or order based upon the ratings/reviews/score given by the Signifyd.

1. Request is made signifyd to create case with all details of order, buyer and seller.

In response we get the case id. We can save the case id along with other details in our database.

2. Any time request can be made to signifyd to retrieve case details or case status with the case id or order id

3. Also, we will need to configure webhooks to track the occurrence of events such as case creation, case re-score and case review. This will work automatically and will ping us the status of case, our script will record the same.

Fore more information, please check the API documentation of Signifyd from here.

Please take a look at the video this will clear your queries regarding what basically the Signifyd is all about.

To get the library code for the API integration and for more integration helpful tips click here.