How to fix the stripping of script tags in Joomla JCE Editor?

If you are trying to save an article with having script tags and after saving the article the script tags are getting stripped. Please follow the following steps to get your issue fixed:

1. You need to check the JCE Editor profile parameters to ensure the allowed tags

You can skip the above step in case you don’t want to allow script, style or php tags but just want to allow onmouseover / onmouseout events.

Please follow the following steps to allow the script, style or php tags use in articles:

a. In the JCE Control Panel, click on the Editor Profiles button.

b. Click on the Profile name that the user, user group or component is assigned to, eg: ‘Default’

c. Click on the Editor Parameters tab, then on the Options tab(Navigate through all options present on left, e.g. cleanup & output to advanced until you make right configurations).

d. Check that the Allow Javascript or Allow CSS or Allow PHP options are set to Yes or are checked (You may leave options unchecked based upon your requirement).

You are done with JCE Editor settings. Please perform a check now. 🙂

If you are getting trouble then proceed.

Now its time to Configure Joomla! Article filters

By default Joomla! ‘cleans’ content on saving, removing script tags, event attributes (such as onclick, onmouseover etc.) and style tags.

A simple article parameter change is all that is required to fix this.

Joomla! 2.5 & Joomla 3 – Global User Permission

a. In the Joomla! Global Configuration, click on the Text Filters tab.
b. For the Super Users group, or any other trusted user group, set Filter Type to No Filtering. Make sure that you only set this option for user groups that can be trusted as setting the Filter Type to No Filtering will essentially allow the user to include any html in an article.

You are done with Global Configuration settings. Please perform a check now. 🙂

If you still face the issue, please check whether you have any firewall installed on joomla. Lets have a case where you have RSFirewall installed on your joomla site.

If you are trying to add a script, style or iframe tag in one of your Joomla! articles or 3rd party component and the tag is scrambled after you save your changes, this is caused by one of the protection filters applied by RSFirewall.

The JS Protections filter. This option will help protect you against javascript injections by disrupting the starting tags, for example an



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