Primary: Fetch and list Collections or Products from Shopify to your own store?

Hello Users,

Today, I’m am going to share with you my recent encounter with Shopify. I was asked to provide the feasibility, process of implementation in performing one of requirements which has now become common.


1. Fetch products from Shopify stores – Details like : Product Name, Price, SKU, Product Image, Tags, etc.
2. Display the above fetched products in Non-Shopify based stores.

So, I performed some review and research and come across some useful features of Shopify that solved my problem.

All Shopify stores have a public access product feed url, which shows product information in XML format. So, what I did is, created a demo or test store to verify this. I would like to share all the steps in details with you guyz so that it becomes easy to understand and implement the same at your end.

Steps to fetch products from Shopify stores:

1. Create a Shopify based store (Skip the step in case you already have a Shopify store…)

2. Add few collections and products (Skip the step in case you already have…)
Reference: Shopify Collections     |     Shopify Products

3. Now, simply try the following urls with the urls and other details specific to your Shopify store…


Shopify All Collection products feed url :

Replace with your store url address and use the browser address bar to access the page. You will get a page with XML format data. The xml format data contains information of Shopify products regardless of their collection or category.

Shopify Single Collection products feed url:

4. Now, create a PHP-CURL script at your other non-shopify based store and hit the above URLs.
5. Save the fetched product information and product actual link (to shopify store) in your own database.
6. Use the above saved database information of products to create a view on your non-shopify based store.
7. Remember, users have to go to Shopify store to complete the purchase as your non-shopify based store is only serving the path to actual product.
8. You can set a CRON to the PHP-CURL script at the non-shopify based store hosting to update the products and collection list in your database at a certain interval of time.



Please share your useful suggestion or views on this post. Thanks!!

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