How to extract large zipped files using linux shell or putty?

Suppose you have created a zip file of around 50 gb and after uploading it or copying it to another location you might come across a situation where the unzipping is not happening as per your expectation. Possible causes can be time out issue, connection break, etc. Below example is a perfect one to solve this problem.

How to extract large zipped files on your server?

1. Download Putty and get access to SSH console.
2. Change the current directory to the one where the file is placed.
3. Use the following command to extract the file.

shell>tar -xvzf filename.tar.gz   

As soon as you hit enter key it will start extracting the files (in the current directory of shell access).

Have some patience until the whole process gets completed. The time of this action depends upon the size of file to extracted.

Now, if you want to extract the file at another location than the current directory. Use the following command:

shell>tar xf filename.tar.gz -C /home/abc/xyz/   

Hope this example was useful to you.