Excel Tips and Tricks

Shortcut way to enter current time and date in excel
If you want Excel to enter the current date or time and fix it at that point – for example, to show the last date the sheet was modified – click on a cell and press [Ctrl] + [;] for the date and [Ctrl] + [:] for the time.


Why #NAME! and #NUM! errors occur?
Excel returns a #NAME! or #NUM! error whenever a formula refers to nonexistent names or numbers. To sort it out, re-enter the formula correctly.

How to Merge cell contents?
To merge the contents of cells A1 and B1, click on cell C1 and enter =A1&B1. The result is not a sum but a text string, so merging 10 and 7 will return 107, rather than 17.


How Create hyperlinks to support files?
To place links in cells that enable you to load other documents with one click, enter a name for the link in a cell and
press [Ctrl] + [K]. Click on the File… button. Navigate to the file you wish to link to. Double-click on it and click
OK. From now on, whenever you click in that cell, Excel will jump to the file.


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