How to disable add new user email notification in Joomla?

Joomla is considered as one of the most popular and one of the rich CMSs of all time but sometimes we feel very weird to see approach and thinking of Joomla Developers. Recently, I come across an issue which took my patience, time and everything it can to make me in a situation to say WTF is going on.. really… believe me friends.

Lets come to the point now. When a user is added from back-end i.e. by the administrator, user is notified by an email with username and password details and based upon configurations, they might receive email to activate their accounts too. Now, my requirement was too disable the Joomla user notifications i.e. no user gets notified with username and password credentials when they are added by the admin.

First of all it looked very simple.

I performed the following steps:

I visited “Global Configurations” >> “User Manager” page and performed some configurations here. You can check the below screenshot for the same.
Joomla User Notification Configuration

I updated the following field values to No. please check above screenshot for more help.
1. Send Password >> No (Do not notify user regarding username and password)
2. New User Account Activation >> No (Do not send user an email verification or account activation notification)
3. Notification mail to Administrator >> No (Do not send notification to administrators)

I had performed all required updates to ensure no notification email is sent to user while creating his/her account but nothing worked out. Even after doing all configurations correctly I was wondering what has gone wrong but I found nothing. I searched over internet to get some help on this and found some forums where people were suggesting to perform some kind of hack in Joomla core files. I was left with no choice other than to do the same. Suddenly, a thought crossed mind… why not to have a look at the Joomla Plugins there might be some way out there for this and guys the thought worked out. I got a plugin with name “User Joomla!” and it did what exactly I wanted.


1. Click on Extensions >> Plugin Manager
2. Search for the plugin “User Joomla!” and Click on the title (which is hyper-linked)
3. Now, set “Notification Mail to User” to “No”
4. Save the configurations and you are done.

Please check the below screenshot for help.

Joomla disable user notification

Now, try to add a new user from admin account. You will see no notification is being sent now. Alas! we are done 😀

Hope the above information is useful for you 🙂

Good Luck (Y)

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