How to Secure your WordPress website?

There is a great advantage of using Opensource frameworks and content management systems one of the reason is its large support base and contributors, who keep on working to make things easier for use at no cost and this makes it not only popular but a preferable solution to one’s requirement. Popularity comes with a […]

Execute PHP scripts within html files

Most of us have come across a problem where we are having a bundle of html pages and suddenly we are in need to add some logic or some kind of php script to do something that cannot be handled by HTML or JavaScript. The below piece of code will help you in executing php […]

WordPress User Roles and Capabilities

In WordPress a user can be distinguished based upon the assigned role. The concept of roles provide a vital role in determining the ability of a user i.e. what a user can do or cannot do within the website. For example: A user can/cannot be given privilege to perform the following operations: 1. Creating Pages […]


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