FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions is a very important page on any website specially if you are providing or selling any services, selling products/merchandise, etc. Through a FAQ page you can provide answers to most of the generic questions which can come through the mind of your customer or visitor before they choose your product or service. Utilizing this page effectively can help you in conversions by building a trust and some sort of confidence in your customers mind. In one of my previous articles I had tried to explain or educate about schemas i.e. what a schema is and how it can help yourRead More →

What is a Schema? Website Schema markup is a code that you add on your website whether its a blog, news portal, business website, property related website or any ecommerce store to help the search engines return or serve more informative results to the users. Website Schema was introduced in 2011 by Google as a means of helping search engines more accurately display relevant results to users. Today this Schema is very powerful and very important. By using the schema properly on your website you can not only improve the user accessibility to your website in search results but also can help in bringing aRead More →