SQL Server all type of queries

Create table query CREATE TABLE sale ( datetime datetime, PROD_ID INT PRIMARY KEY, PROD_NAME VARCHAR(50), PROD_TYPE VARCHAR(25), UNITPRICE BIGINT, QUANTITY BIGINT, AMOUNT MONEY, ) SELECT * FROM sale truncate table sale drop table sale Insert values in a sales table INSERT SALE VALUES(’01-01-2008′,’100′,’SOAP’,’HOUSEHOLD’,’10’,’100′,’27000′) INSERT SALE VALUES(’01-02-2008′,’101′,’OIL’,’HOUSEHOLD’,’11’,’75’,’26000′) INSERT SALE VALUES(’01-05-2008′,’102′,’TOWEL’,’HOUSEHOLD’,’12’,’110′,’25000′) INSERT SALE VALUES(’01-25-2008′,’103′,’SHAMPOO’,’HOUSEHOLD’,’15’,’125′,’11000′) INSERT SALE VALUES(’01-26-2008′,’104′,’BRUSH’,’HOUSEHOLD’,’120′,’115′,’15000′) […]

PHP Glossary

What is the minimum size of the file that can be uploaded using PHP and how can we change this: Be default Maximum size is 2MB and we can change the following set up at php.ini file. Set upload_max_filesize=2M How can we increase the execution time of a PHP script? By changing the following setup […]


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