Refreshing Page Content Using Meta Tags

We can modify a browser’s behavior using <meta> tags. In this task, you’re going to generate code that has the same effect as hitting the browser’s refresh button. You’ll also see how this same code can force the browser to load another document. Add a new meta tag with http-equiv attribute and set it equal to […]

Excel Tips and Tricks

Shortcut way to enter current time and date in excel If you want Excel to enter the current date or time and fix it at that point – for example, to show the last date the sheet was modified – click on a cell and press [Ctrl] + [;] for the date and [Ctrl] + […]

SQL Server all type of queries

Create table query CREATE TABLE sale ( datetime datetime, PROD_ID INT PRIMARY KEY, PROD_NAME VARCHAR(50), PROD_TYPE VARCHAR(25), UNITPRICE BIGINT, QUANTITY BIGINT, AMOUNT MONEY, ) SELECT * FROM sale truncate table sale drop table sale Insert values in a sales table INSERT SALE VALUES(’01-01-2008′,’100′,’SOAP’,’HOUSEHOLD’,’10’,’100′,’27000′) INSERT SALE VALUES(’01-02-2008′,’101′,’OIL’,’HOUSEHOLD’,’11’,’75’,’26000′) INSERT SALE VALUES(’01-05-2008′,’102′,’TOWEL’,’HOUSEHOLD’,’12’,’110′,’25000′) INSERT SALE VALUES(’01-25-2008′,’103′,’SHAMPOO’,’HOUSEHOLD’,’15’,’125′,’11000′) INSERT SALE VALUES(’01-26-2008′,’104′,’BRUSH’,’HOUSEHOLD’,’120′,’115′,’15000′) […]

MLM (Multi Level Marketing) Database Logic

Here i am going to explain about the login for MLM database. MLM database means Multi Level Marketing. When a new user will be registered, all the sponsers in chain will get commission. Please find below the code for the same: Here are form fields: $sid = $_POST[‘textfield2’]; $name = $_POST[‘textfield3’]; $email = $_POST[‘textfield4’]; $address […]

PHP Glossary

What is the minimum size of the file that can be uploaded using PHP and how can we change this: Be default Maximum size is 2MB and we can change the following set up at php.ini file. Set upload_max_filesize=2M How can we increase the execution time of a PHP script? By changing the following setup […]


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