How to add Google translator to your website?

Hello Everyone!

Today we will go through a series of steps that will help us to add Google translator to our website without any plugin. Don’t worry if you have little or no knowledge of any programming languages available in the market. Just you need to follow a series of steps to experience the magic of “Google Translator”.

Steps to add Google translator tool to your own website:

STEP-1: Go to Google Website Translator and Click on the link “Add to your website now”.

STEP-2: You need to have a Gmail account to proceed further. Create one account if you don’t have any or login to your account with your existing credentials (After completing Step-1, you must have been redirected to Google account login page).


STEP-3: Configure your Google translator as per your requirement and click on button “Get Code”.


Step-4: Now, Copy the html script as per description. i.e. add the meta tag content before closing of tag. Copy the script shown inside div tag at place where you want the translator select option to appear.


Step-5: Don’t forget to save your changes. You are now done!

Manage your Google Website translator account: Google Website Translator

In case you want to remove the Google Website Translator:
Go to Google Translator Toolkit >> Click on “Translational Memories” under tools >> Select your website from the list and click on the trash icon. You are done!!!

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